​​Makeup artist and hair stylist


                                                 Kimber Parrish

                             Kimber Parrish is a highly qualified professional make up artist, with a thorough background, education and experience in a variety of aspects of the industry, including (but not limited to) fabrication, design, education and leadership.

BEAUTY MAKEUP: Make Up Design, Corrective Make Up, Highlight & Contouring, Natural Beauty, Fantasy Make Up, and Airbrush
CHARACTER MAKEUP: Prosthetic Application, Aging Make Up, Airbrush, Bald Cap Application, Injury Simulation, Fantasy, and Burns
FABRICATION: Hand Sewing, Machine Sewing, Foam Fabrication, Latex Mask Production, Seaming, Patching, and Sanding
MANAGEMENT: Team Supervision and Management, Discipline, Onboarding, Training, and Scheduling
Curls/Waves, Up Styles, Braids, "Period" Styles

Universal Studios Orlando                                             August 2003 – January 2017

                     Seasonal Manager, Prosthetics and Make Up / Supervisor / Make Up Artist / Costume Fabrication
                Upon first securing a seasonal position as a MAKE UP ARTIST for Universal Studios' special engagement events (i.e. Halloween Horror Nights, Grinchmas, Mardi Gras, etc.), Kimber was soon able to establish herself as a talented and reliable member of the make up team, thus granting her a part-time position as a non-seasonal regular employee. It was at this time that she was given the opportunity to continue to showcase her skill applying both beauty and special effects make up for the resort's year round offerings, including "Beetlejuice's Rock & Roll Graveyard Revue", special and promotional events (such as The Today Show), and in park character appearances. After several years, Kimber was promoted to SUPERVISOR for Halloween Horror Nights, where she became an integral part of design and implementation, as well as supervision of the event itself. As a SEASONAL MANAGER of Prosthetics & Make Up for the Art & Design branch of the Entertainment Department, Kimber was able to liaise with the Creative Development team in order to conceive, design, develop, and produce the various make up concepts for 2016's Halloween Horror Nights and Grinchmas events, as well as 2017's Mardi Gras season. The Seasonal Manager is responsible for the hiring, training and scheduling of all make up department team members, in addition to the design of make up concepts and purchasing of supplies.

Freelance Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist                                              2003 – Present
                As a freelance special effects and beauty make up artist, one is held accountable to strict deadlines in a variety of locations/situations, and expected to design and produce high-quality make up based on clients' specifications. A successful freelance artist is able to apply their expert skill to each job by identifying their clients' needs and taste, while accommodating budget, and transform their model/actor(s) to meet said clients' requirements efficiently.

MAC Cosmetics                                                                                        2003 - 2006

                     Freelance Make Up Artist
                As a FREELANCE MAKE UP ARTIST for MAC one is responsible for educating and advising clients as to beneficial products and techniques based on individual need(s). Working at several locations, these specialized employees are expected to maintain a broad knowledge of ever-changing styles in order to incorporate MAC products into current trending fashions in an effort to obtain peak efficiency of sales and client satisfaction.

               SAMPLE of MAKE UP KIT
MAC Cosmetics, Stila, Temptu, PPI, RCMA, Iwata, Vincent Longo, Urban Decay, Make Up For Ever, Stillazi, Crown, Nars, Armani, Too Faced, Smashbox, OCC, Paasche, Sally Hershberger, Loreal, EBA, Goldwell, Ben Nye, and Rusk

Scott Kaarsgard: Make Up Artist/ Supervisor at Universal Studios Orlando - (407) 929-2004
Patty Garden-Imparato: Costume Fabrication Tech at Universal Studios Orlando - (407) 791-9433
Nix Herrera: Make Up Artist/Body Painter - (407) 716-3132
Gavin Hignight: Director/Producer - (213) 422-6773

Sandy Torres: Former Manager - (407) 301-0259

Make Up Designory (MUD)- Journeyman Program: 640-hour beauty/character/hairstyling/wardrobe intensive
*For nearly 15 years I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from some of the most prolific artists/teachers in the industry.

                  OTHER SKILLS
Social Media Management, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, iPhoto, Gmail, Painting, Bass Guitar, Guitar, and Piano


                                                                                MUSIC VIDEO 

                                                                        Rich Brian-(Stop Sign) 88 Rising Records
                                                                         Key Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist
                                              Front Line Assembly- "Rock Me Amadeus" -Metropolis Records
                                                                                  Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist
                                    SmokePurpp-”Purple Fingers”-AJR Productions- Universal Records
                                                          SFX Make Up Artist           

                                                             John Carpenter - "Utopian Facade" - Sacred Bones Records
Key Make Up Artist, Hair Stylist, and Fabricator

 Iwrestledabearone - "Gift of Death" - Artery Recordings
                                                 Key Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

                                              Iwrestledabearone - "Green Eyes" - Artery Recordings
                                                 Key Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

                                                        VoicePlay- “Waving Through A Window”
                                                 Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

                                                  Phinehas - "White Livered" - Artery Recordings
                                              Band Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

                                                John Carpenter - "Night" - Sacred Bones Records
                                            Key Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

                                                   Mayday Parade - "Ghosts" - Fearless Records
                                      Airbrush, Injury Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

                                    Plague Vender - "Breakdance and Broken Glass" - Epitaph Records
                                              Key Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

                                                     Bleached - "Next Stop" - Dead Oceans Records
                                            Band Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist
                                                    Skinny Puppy - "Illisit" - Metropolis Records
                                 Key Make Up Artist, Special Effects Artist, Hair Stylist

                                                 FILM & TELEVISION

                                             Netflix- "Innocent Man"-Perspective Media LLC

                                                    Assistant Make Up Artist and Temporary Key Make Up Artist

                                                                MTV-Rappers React-88 Rising
                                                                             Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

                                                 HULU-”Frights And Insights”-Artificial Person Productions
                                                                                  Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

                                                              "Magic Funhouse"- Season 2- SuperDeluxe LLC
                                                Key Make Up Artist & Fill in Dept Head
                                               "Space Stars" (Pilot) - Josh Server (Executive Producer)
                                                           SFX Make-Up Artist

                                            "Mystic Cosmic Patrol" 4 episodes - Tom Klipsch (Producer)
                                       Key Make Up Artist, SFX Artist, Hair Stylist, Fabricator

              Universal Studios - "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" (Queue Video) - NBCUniversal
                                            Key Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist

                       Universal Studios - "Halloween Horror Nights" (Media Coverage) - NBCUniversal
                       Additional Make Up Artist for Event Talent AND Celebrity Special Guests

                                      Universal Studios - "Grinchmas" (Media Coverage) - NBCUniversal
                         Additional Make Up Artist for Event Talent AND Celebrity Special Guests                       

                                     Universal Studios - "The Today Show" (Live Coverage) - NBCUniversal
                                              Key Make Up Artist to Kathy Lee Gifford

                                                                                               SHORT FILM
                                                           "Fist" (Short) - Gavin Hignight (Producer)
                                                                          Additional Hair and Make Up

                                                   Chowchilla- Chris Candy (Producer)
                                                                 Make Up Artist &Hair Stylist & SFX Make Up

                                                                                     Elixir- Steven Shea (Producer)
                                                                    Make Up Artist &Hair Stylist & SFX Make Up


                                                              Body Armour Water- Dream Machine Productions
                                                                              Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

                                        Lexus Escandido/Carlsbad - "Ringing Off the Hook" - Zoo Crew Productions
                                                                       Key Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

                                           Universal Studios - "Mardi Gras" (Commercial Ad) - NBCUniversal
                                                                  Additional Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist

                                              "Payas Payas and Payas" (Commercial Ad) - Payas Payas and Payas LLP
                                                                               Key Make Up Artist, Hair Stylist

                                              Visit WeHo-(Commercial ad)-Symblaze Productions
                                                                                   Make Up Artist

                        Nature Valley - "Embrace the Crumbs" (Commercial Ad) - Pretty Nifty Productions
                                                              Key Make Up Artist, Hair Stylist, Fabricator


                                                                     Elev8d Fitness-  Abyssmal Entertaiment                                                                       

                                                          Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

                                                                  A Tour Of Prophecy Interview- Dr. Jeremiah
                                                                Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist for Sheila Walsh

                                                Miyavi-(cover song and Rockstar for site)-88 Rising
                                                                            Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

                                                   Too Soon- (live stream comedy)-Super Deluxe
                                                                            Make Up Artist &Hair Stylist

                                                   Magic Funhouse (Promo Material)-Super Deluxe
                                                                                          Make Up Artist

                                                       Nicole Arbour for Kanaroo Manufacturing
                                                                                         Make Up Artist

                       Universal Studios - "Icon Announcement Viral Video" (HHN 26) - NBCUniversal
                                                 Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

                                                            "Egosque"  - Abyssmal Entertainment
                                                Key Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

                                      "Real Life Dragon City Battle" (Podcast) - Smosh Entertainment
                                                 Additional Airbrush Make Up

                                  Wing Girls (Webseries) - "If You Dated Your Dog" - Wing Girls Comedy
                                              Key Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

                                    Imagination Design Works - "Yes Girls" (Sizzle Reel) - Oxygen Network
                                       Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist to the "Yes Girls"

                           Imagination Design Works - "What's Chasing You" (Sizzle Reel) - Chiller Network
                                            Make Up Artist to David Arquette

                                                                        "Honor at Stake" (Trailer)
                                               Key Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist

                      Universal Studios Hollywood - "Purge Promotional Video" (HHN 2014) - NBCUniversal
                                         Key Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist

                                                                                         INDUSTRIAL VIDEO
                                                                 Pacific Dental-”PPE Videos”- KAIROS Company
                                                     Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

                                                          LIVE EVENTS
Universal Studios Orlando
                        Seasonal Manager: Prosthetics & Make Up
                                       Beauty Make Up Design: Mardi Gras performers 2017
                                 Events Manager: Special Effects Make Up, Shop Manager/Trainer
                               Beauty Make Up Artist: Mardi Gras and "Rocky Horror Picture Show"
                              Special Effects (Prosthetics) Make Up Artist: Grinchmas 2003-2016
      Special Effects (Prosthetics) Make Up Artist: Regular Season (Olive Oyl, Beetlejuice Show, Hellboy, etc.)                       Special Effects (Prosthetics) Make Up Artist: Halloween Horror Nights 2003-2016
                                      Beauty & SFX Make Up Design: "Super Star Parade"
                                           Beauty Make Up Design: Marvel Characters
   Event Make Up Artist: Pilot, IAPPA, Mannheim Steamroller, LACP, AT&T, Mircosoft, Yamaha, Scion, etc.

Universal Studios Hollywood
                           Bone Yard FX: Halloween Horror Nights Mask Dept./Head Trainer
             SFX Make Up & Mask Dept. Head: AMC's "The Walking Dead" Season Premiere Event

                                                            Metropolis Productions
                              Make Up Artist: 40 various live events over the course of 3 years

                                           Make Up Artist: Premiere Hair Show

                                                                    Sneeze Magazine
                                         Male Grooming Make Up Artist to John Kassir

                                                                   Blue Velvet Salon
                                            Beauty Make Up Artist (Promotional Shoot)

                                             Beauty Make Up Artist (Press Photo Shoot)

                                                                      Gibson Guitars
                                          Beauty Make Up Artist (Promotional Shoot)

                                                                                 Skinny Puppy
                            Male Grooming Make Up Artist to Band for "Weapon" Album Art

                                                                          Universal City Walk
                               SFX Make Up Artist for "Monsters Mini-Golf" Promotional Shoot

                                                                      Orlando Leisure Magazine
                                                       Beauty Make Up Artist

                                                                    Universal Studios Orlando
                        Beauty Make Up Artist to Marvel Characters for Promotional Shoot

                             SFX Make Up Artist for HHN "Icon" Promotional Shoot